Volume 16

Festival Grec 2021

By Maria Delgado and Anton Pujol

Every July, Barcelona hosts the Grec Festival, or “el Grec,” as it is commonly known. Named after the 1929 Greek amphitheatre in Montjuïc, it has become an important multidisciplinary event in the European summer

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Cultural Passport for Piatra Neamț Theatre Festival 2021

By Oana Cristea Grigorescu

The present is a floating notion nowadays, subject to postponement, suspension, reconfiguration, under the circumstances of restrictions imposed on theatres by health security measures. The seasons, festivals, premieres of 2021 have been scheduled under the threat

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We See the Bones Reflected: Luk Perceval’s 3STRS in Warsaw, 2021

By Chris Rzonca

We all had our temperatures checked. We all filled out forms affirming we were Covid-free. We all wore masks, of course. But when we took our seats, squirming in the dark on the hard chairs, we were

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Report from London (November – December, 2019)

By Dan Venning

At the end of 2019, London’s theatre was preparing for a crisis. The specter of Brexit was looming, and the snap election that had the potential to confirm, further delay, or potentially lead to a cancellation of

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In Memoriam: Mieczysław Janowski, 1935 – 2021

By Dominika Laster

Mieczysław Janowski, great Polish theatre and film actor, and core member of Grotowski’s Theatre of 13 Rows and the Laboratory Theatre, passed away on 25 September 2021 in Wrocław. Janowski was born in Warsaw on 22 March

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A National Theatre Reopens

By Marvin Carlson

The National Theatre of São João (TNSJ) in Porto, Portugal, has been, like theatres around the world, closed to the public throughout 2021, but unlike many of its sister theatres, it took advantage of the closing to

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In Memoriam: Jerzy Limon, 1950–2021

By Kathleen Cioffi

On March 3, 2021, Jerzy Limon, the founder and artistic director of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre in Poland, died of Covid-19 at the age of seventy. A man of many talents, Limon—a professor of English, Shakespearean, theatre

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Berliner Theatertreffen Fights to Survive as Live Theatre Adapts to World Conditions

By Steve Earnest

The 2021 Theatertreffen was once again presented under difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 crisis that had plagued the world since Fall 2019.  Productions were presented only via virtual format by the producing companies of the ten

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In Memoriam: Marion Peter Holt

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of one of the most dedicated and appreciated supporters of this journal, Marion Peter Holt. Marion was one of the founding members of the editorial board of Western European Stages

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