Volume 7

Some Quadricentennial Shakespeare in Germany

Given the very large number of active theatres in Germany, their extensive repertoire, and their strong interest in the classic Western theatre in general and Shakespeare in particular, it is doubtless safe to say that nowhere on earth is offering …

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Tiago Rodrigues’s Antony and Cleopatra

The production Antoine et Cléopâtre by Thiago Rodrigues and his company Mundo Perfeito was created in 2015, and was presented (in Portuguese) at the Avignon Festival. It was again presented, but in French, at the Paris Autumn Festival 2016, at …

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Amleto: An Opera Rediscovered

The Bregenzer Festspiele, one of several well-appointed summer opera festivals, is situated on the beautiful Lake Constance. It specializes in producing one opera outdoors on a floating stage (Seebühne), thereby creating a stunning backdrop while pleasing the masses with operas …

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Coping with the Greatest for Over 100 Years

The latest of Shakespeare’s plays to be staged at the Croatian National Theatre (CNT) in Osijek is The Merchant of Venice. Painfully contemporary in its theme and character motivation and at the same time humorous and smooth, The Merchant

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The Art of Sharing Shakespeare: Emil Boroghină, A Romanian Sorcerer

The Southern Romanian city of Craiova is a survivor. It defied the social invasion that is industrialization, healed its wounds caused by the massive earthquake of 1977 and strangely, at a later moment, also freed itself from the paralyzing haze …

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Shakespeare’s Villains and Modern Politicians in Latvia

Viesturs Meikšāns (b. 1980) is one of the most interesting phenomena in Latvian theatre. He cannot be called an emerging director anymore, since his first decade in this profession is coming to an end; however, he has such an interesting …

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A Queen for a King! Tom Lanoye’s Königin Lear at Schauspiel Frankfurt

Flemish playwright Tom Lanoye has experience “overwriting” Shakespeare’s plays among other reworkings of classic works, first with a twelve-hour verse adaptation of eight of Shakespeare’s history plays entitled Ten Oorlog (To War) in 1997, then in 2014 with …

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The Tempest: A Magical Ballet Where East Meets West

The following is the review of a ballet in two acts based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest by the Dutch National Ballet.

World Premiere Choreography: Krzysztof Pastor

Video: Shirin Neshat in collaboration with Shoja Azari

Dramaturgy: Willem Bruls

Music: Henry Purcell, …

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“The Ukrainian Play”: Macbeth Ritualized by Vlad Troitskyi

One of the trickiest questions of modern Shakespeare studies, put forward by L.C. Knights and repeated by many scholars, is, ”How many children had Lady Macbeth?” As every Shakespearean knows, the scholarly answers to it had almost nothing to do …

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Les Kurbas’s Tradition in Ukrainian Shakespeare Productions

The appropriation of Shakespeare by different nations, as well as the discussions about his works in various cultural contexts, lead to the emergence of unexpected interpretations of his plays and inspire creative experiments in the domain of theatre. As the …

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