Volume 11

Two Significant Losses

We regret to announce the passing of two dedicated theatre-goers and reviewers, both of whom have been major long-time contributors to this journal and to its predecessor, Western European Stages.  Glen Loney has been a significant contributor to these two publications from the beginning: he was a contributing editor from the first issues of WES in 1989. The inaugural issue of that journal contained a report from him on Bayreuth which he attended and commented upon for many years.  Although he had a particular interest in opera and the German theatre, his range of interest in theatre, both U.S. and foreign, was broad and he continued to be a regular attendee up until the end.

Yvonne Shafer jointed the board of contributing editors of European Stages in 1999, although she was first published in that journal five years earlier, with reports on theatre in Italy and Germany.  Like Loney, Shafer had a strong international interest in performance, but a particular interest in musical theatre and the theatre in Germany.  At the time of her death she was in Berlin on one of her frequent theatre visits to that city.

The many thoughtful and observant reports filed over the past three decades by these two dedicated theatre-goers have made an inestimable contribution to the work of these two journals and we mark their departure with great sadness and also great gratitude.

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European Stages, vol. 11, no. 1 (Spring 2018)

Editorial Board:

Marvin Carlson, Senior Editor, Founder
Krystyna Illakowicz, Co-Editor
Dominika Laster, Co-Editor
Kalina Stefanova, Co-Editor

Editorial Staff:

Taylor Culbert, Managing Editor
Nick Benacerraf, Assistant Managing Editor

Advisory Board:

Joshua Abrams
Christopher Balme
Maria Delgado
Allen Kuharsky
Bryce Lease
Jennifer Parker-Starbuck
Magda Romańska
Laurence Senelick
Daniele Vianello
Phyllis Zatlin

Table of Contents:

  1. Berlin Theatre, Fall 2017 by Beate Hein Bennett
  2. 2018 Berliner Theatertreffen by Steve Earnest
  3. Speaking Out by Joanna Ostrowska & Juliusz Tyszka
  4. Political Theatre Season 2016-2017 in Poland by Marianna Lis
  5. Hymn to Love in a Love-less World: Chorus of Women, Berlin 2017 by Krystyna Lipińska Illakowicz
  6. Wyspiański: From Wagner, Through Brecht, to Artaud? The Curse and The Wedding in Poland Today by Lauren Dubowski
  7. A Theatrical and Real Encounter with Zabel Yesayan: A Play by BGST by Eylem Ejder
  8. Report from Vienna by Marvin Carlson
  9. Motus and Me: In Appreciation of the Italian Theatre Group Motus by Tom Walker
  10. Actors without Directors: Setkání/Encounter Festival of Theatre Schools in Brno, Czech Republic, 17-21 April 2018 by Matti Linnavuori
  11. Ghosts, Demons and Journeys: Barcelona Theatre 2018 by Maria M. Delgado
  12. Two Samples of Documentary Theatre in Hungary by Gabriella Schuller
  13. Two East European Festivals by Steve Wilmer
  14. The Misted Stage: Eirik Stubø’s Stagings of Tragedy by Eylem Ejder
  15. Amadeus in London by Marvin Carlson
  16. Two Significant Losses


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